Saturday 3rd December 2005 saw an early start to fit insulators to the catenary cable.
Bert, Dave, Joe, Bob & Pete fitted all the insulators to the new catenary, as you will see by the photos we fitted glass insulators around the Ferrymead area to keep the "Knockers" happy. As you will see you can not see the catenary easily, Then we had to wait while the rail was repaired as Peter and his helpers where replacing area of rail that needed it

Looking towards the Ferrymead Station.

next photo looks from further down the track.

fitting the insulators
Joe fitting insulator and bob Helping.

Looking towards Morrhouse
Looking towards Morrhouse with the train fixing the rail.

Well next we have to fit the temporary droppers then the contact cable.....

And running Easter next year ???????

Item & Photographs by Pete Soundy.

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