August 2006 - Catenary Progress Update.

Since March 2006 there has been much work completed through the winter period calumniating in a very good work day on the 5th of August 2006.

The major work has been carried out on Thursday’s and one work Saturday each month since March.

The work completed since March has been the pull offs and push offs these brackets where designed and constructed by the workshop etc all under the watchful eyes of Bertie Coombes this picture also shows our friendly kingfisher sitting on the catenary .

Then came the job of fitting all the correct droppers, and lower or raising the contact cable to the correct height .

This work has carried on until Saturday when we reached conclusion with the droppers as you can see a job to be admired .

Bert has found a few problems that we have to take care of but most of the overhead work has been completed .

The major job left is to bond all the rail connections together this has been started with mike making a crimper to fit the terminals to the cable ends and Joe has cut most of the 150 cables .

A very big thanks to all concerned as this has been a very big project.

Photographs & Article by Pete S.

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