2 Feb 2009 saw the last train over Duncans Bridge and that evening a crew assembled to remove the track in preparation for the new cuvert to begin. For more information on the bridge and location, see the news item here

One side of the new formation filled and compacted. No easy task as each layer was 150mm thick, with a layer of mess tied to the wing walls sandwiched between each layer. 26/3/09.

The two rebuilt track sets ready to go. 26/3/09.

ew formation almost complete. The last of the concrete poured and a layer of rip rap placed on the Estuary side of culvert. 1/4/09.

Refurbished home signal back in its upright position. Rock weir in place in front of pedestrian culvert. Water running through culverts for first time.

Track bed levelled, graded and compacted by contractor. 3/4/09.

With the road bed handed back at 5pm. We were able to lay the rebuilt track sets in the evening sunshine. 3/4/09.

By 3pm the new turnout and two short track sets had been manoeuvred into place. 4/4/09.

The crew, after ballasting and a quick lift and shovel pack. And a few boxes of pizza consumed. L to R Peter Jenkinson, Michael Whyman, Nigel Hogg, Racheal Tucker, James Gobbe, Alex Hunter(fireman), Dave Newman. Crouching, Glenn Sutherland, Carl Pumpa (driver). 4/4/09.

Afterwards, a few shake down runs with the ballast train just to round of a successful day. 4/4/09.

The first passenger train paused on the culvert while the appropriate photos are taken. 5/4/09.

D 140 on an Easter Sunday service. Contractors still to complete landscaping and new footpath approaches, plus timbering the sides of the culverts and the railings for the pedestrian culvert. More updates on this in the Ferrymead Station Upgrade section. 12/4/09.

Photographs and Article by Peter Jenkinson.

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