2 Feb 2009 saw the last train over Duncans Bridge and that evening a crew assembled to remove the track in preparation for the new cuvert to begin. For more information on the bridge and location, see the news item here

D 140 on the last Sunday train running over Duncans Bridge. 22/02/09.

The new right hand turnout for the future dock road. 22/02/09.

Two track sets removed, two more to go. 22/02/09.

Track removed and flat wagon waiting for bridge beam. Now we wait for a 2 week council delay! 23/03/09.

End of the first day with the contractor on site. Bridge beam removed and abutments almost gone. 9/03/09.

One bridge beam surplus to requirements. 9/03/09.

Once there was a bridge. 11/03/09.

The base going down for the new culverts. Remains of the old timber drain in the centre. 13/03/09.

Base completed and marked out. 16/03/09.

Compare with same view from the 9/03/09..

Above and Below: Culverts and wing walls all in place. 19/03/09.

Photographs and Article by Peter Jenkinson.

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