November 2006 Firestone update.

Progress on the track lifting project at Firestone is near complete

The first load of track sets ready to go. 2/09/06.

Two more loads ready to go. The sets nearest the camera are destined for the Valley Line. 16/09/06.

End of the day saw all but one curve track set removed from the ground. Colin Dash at the controls of Firestones' International. 23/09/06.

The last track set about to be drag in. 17/11/06.

All that's left. The last track set and the remaining part of the right hand turnout. A huge Thank you to Firestone for the use of their tractor and fork lift. Also to Mackleys Carriers for transporting the track sets, we really appreciate the support.

Photographs & Article by Peter Jenkinson.

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