August 2006 the lifting of disused track at Firestone began.

The lifting of disused sidings at the Firestone factory in Papanui has started. A number of Saturday mornings have been spent working on the sidings. This has involved the un-bolting of all fish plates and jacking of each trackset out of the ground so as to clear all excess material off the sleepers and rail in preperation for loading onto a truck for transport.

In total there are 14 tracksets being removed, these are made up of 70lb rail and TPR sleepers. 6 of the tracksets are curved and these have been airmarked for the Valley Line extension. There is one right hand 1in9 turnout inside Firestone which will be set aside for the dock road siding at Ferrymead Station.

Firestone Siding
The two sidings coming off the turnout inside Firestone. There are eight tracksets to be removed from this area, plus the turnout in the foreground. Which still reguires jacking out of the ground. 12/8/06.

Firestone Siding
Here we see the cuvre leading away from the turnout to the ex mainline connection outside the gate. The Main North Line to Picton runs parallel with the fence on the right.12/8/06.

Firestone Siding
Tracksets that have been lifted out the ground require all the ballast and over burden to be removed so as not to cause a nuisance to other road users on the trip across town to Ferrymead. Hard at work on this task are Colin Dash, Racheal Tucker and Jocelyn Teague. 12/8/06.

Photographs and Article by Peter Jenkinson.

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