Resleepering of the Switch Lock turnout on the Moorhouse loop.

Resleepering of the Switch Lock turnout on the Moorhouse loop has started.
In the last month the ballast had been dug out from around the turnout and re-used in ballasting part of road 8 in the electric shed. Then it was out with the shovels to remove the ballast from between the sleepers. Saturday 6th May saw 9 new sleepers installed under the point blades and re-gauging back to 1068mm.

Saturday morning. On the right is Kp 3284 (pre TMS) which is the tool wagon for the W&Ws. This holds all the hand tools needed for any job on the track. The yellow swing crane helps with unloading the rail saw and rail drill.

Saturday 12th May. The morning dawn crisp and sunny without a cloud in the sky. The previous day saw torrential rain throughout Chch causing flooding in a number of areas. Ten more sleepers installed today.

Saturday 20th May. Some of the younger members were pulled into the track gang today. From Left to Right. Blake (18), Joshua (15), Jack (13), Dan (9), Deen (9).

End of the day another ten sleepers installed. Another day should have all the sleepers replaced.

Saturday the 3rd June saw the last of the new sleepers installed.
All up this little job took:
40 sleepers ranging from 7ft to 12ft
252 5 3/4in pine screws and 38 hardwood screws
86 70lb flat bedplates with the holes drilled out to take the larger 5 3/4in screws.
All thats needed now is new ballast dropped in and the turnout lifted level and packed.

Article & Photographs by Peter Jenkinson.

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