November 2006 valley line extension update.

Progress on the Valley extension (18/11/06) has stepped up with the arrival of track sets from Firestone. An additional 23m of track has been laid down and bolted up, making a total of 59m extending from the workshop level crossing

The valley line 2006
An eleven metre OB track set was installed on the 9th September. In preparation of track sets from Firestone.

The valley line 4th November
The weekend of the 4th & 5th November saw 80% of the ground cleared for the placement of track sets

Sat 11th Nov
Saturday the 11th November saw the first Firestone track set dismantled and rebuilt on the end of the extension.

16th Nov
Thursday the 16th Nov saw four track sets unloaded off the truck straight on to the ground. The completed track needs aligning properly to get a nice sweeping curve.

looking back
Taken from the approximate position of the double slip, looking back towards the workshop. The triangle connection starts just to the left of the picture, sweeps to the right passed the tree and pylon, to then join the Branch Line roughly where you can see the top of the carriage on the left background.
The end of the year should see the curve laid out and align and part of the double slip installed.

Photographs & Article by Peter Jenkinson.

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