January 2006 saw the beginning of the valley line extension.

We are fortunate to have experts in the track laying field and Peter Jenkinson who leads this project is no exception. Peter, and when available some of the juniors of the society have laid to date approx 36 metres of new track.

The valley line 2005
The valley line at the end of 2005 before the huge job cleaning the weeds, rubbish and over fill.

The valley line 18-1-2006
From virtually the same spot as the photo above. What a transformation!!

19-1-06, the beginnings
19th Jan saw the preparation and layout of sleepers, bedplates and rails.

1 down, two to go
Two sections down, one to go!!.

Gauging the track
Gauging and screwing down the track. The track gauge is beside the drill for the screw holes. Peter is crouched, directing operations. At the rear, one of the juniors with a pneumatic wrench is running the screws home.

Bringing forward sleepers
Bringing the sleepers forward in preparation for the next section.

Laying the ballast
The extension with 3 sections laid and some ballast laid. Still to come is leveling the section and laying more ballast.

Photographs by Pete, Kerry and Ian.

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