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Welcome to the Way and Works Department of the Canterbury Railway Society.

There are many activities going on all the time on the Ferrymead Railway, some are the addition and modification of signals and points, on going track laying and repairing, and electric cable installation.
In this area we will try to keep you up to date with news and events, as well as useful information, and like any railway W & W department, it has some interesting and unique equipment both old and new that we hope to document in time. This section of the site will reflect much of the development of the Ferrymead Railway and as much of that is under construction, so will this section be. Check back often for changes and updates as they occur.

Track laying and repair projections for 2009 are as follows.

Valley line extension.
As well as
1.The continue sorting out of fish plates, bed plates and other rail fittings in the W & W compound.
2. Shorting of rail, point blades and frogs into a manageble rail stack.
3. The collection/up-lifting of any surplus track/sidings from around Christchurch or Canterbury.

Duncans Bridge Replacement.
  • 2 Feb 2009 saw the last train over Duncans Bridge and that evening a crew assembled to remove the track in preparation... Click Here for photographs and more on this item.
  • Part two on Duncans Bridge continues here with the completion of the bridge, ballasting and testing... Click Here for photographs and more on this item.
  • NEW

    Electric Roads Turnout Relay.
  • The usual problems of life expired hardwood sleepers and some very worn rail in places are the main defects. The project will see complete re-sleepering of both turnouts with replacement point blades and stock rails... Click Here for photographs and more on this item.
  • Truscotts Rd Level Crossing.
  • The weekend of Aug 11/12 was booked for the upgrade of Truscotts Rd level crossing. Even with a lot of preparation work prior to the weekend... Part 1 and Part 2 for details and photographs on this major crossing upgrade.
  • Preparation work has started on the relay/rebuilding of Truscotts Rd level crossing. The work involves the removal of the existing track and digging out of the old rail formation through the crossing... Click Here for photographs and more on this item.
  • Carriage Shed Roads 2 & 3 upgrade.
  • Work has commenced on a major track upgrade in front of the Carriage Shed. Roads 2 & 3 are to be re-laid with 70lb rail and TPR sleepers. Replacing 53/55lb rail and a large number of expired hardwood sleepers. Read this article...
  • Saturday the 17th March was a busy day, with the Electric group running tests on the newly electrified mainline and a visit by David Morgan MBE (Chairman of the Heritage Railway Association) in the afternoon. More on this article...
  • The five days from April 25th were allocated to remove the existing track, dig out the old ballast and install the new track work. It didn't start to well ... (Warning: Large Article for those on dial-up connections) Read this article...
  • Firestone Siding Lifting.
  • The lifting of disused sidings at the Firestone factory in Papanui has started. A number of Saturday mornings have been spent working on the sidings. This has involved the un-bolting of all fish plates and jacking of each trackset out of the ground so as to clear all excess material off the sleepers and rail in preperation for loading onto a truck for transport. Click Here for photographs and more on this item.
  • Lifting of the siding at Firestone is near completed. Read this article...
  • Switch Lock Turnout.
    Resleepering of the Switch Lock turnout on the Moorhouse loop has started.
    In the last month the ballast had been dug out from around the turnout and re-used in ballasting part of road 8 in the electric shed. Click Here for photographs and more on this item.

    No.13 points replacement work.
    Preparation work for rail and sleeper replacement for No.13 points took up Jan, Feb and March 06. Replacement rails were brought to site, jim crowed and cut to fit. Holes were drilled for all the base plates to bolt too. A total of 21 sleepers were cut, pre drilled were possible and stacked on site. 50 standard bedplates were re drilled for the 5 ż in pine screws and a total of 100 screws gathered. Click Here for photographs and more on this item.

    The Valley Line Extension.
  • Current progress on the Valley Line extension (to 02/02/06); 3 track sets laid (approx 36m) and ballasted. The concrete sleepered section has been cleared of rubbish, weeds and over fill. Small section ballasted. The Goal for the end of the year, is to have the cuve finished up to the double slip turnout. Thats ballasted, lifted, lined and canted. Click Here for photographs and more on the Valley Line Extension.
  • 18th November. Progress on the Valley extension has stepped up with the arrival of track sets from Firestone. An additional 23m of track has been laid down and bolted up, making a total of 59m extending from the workshop level crossing.... Read this article...
  • The Catenary Cable progress between Moorhouse & Ferrymead Stations.
  • About twelve keen men attended Ferrymead on November 11th 2005 and put in place the Catenary cable between Morrhouse and Ferrymead.
    It was an excellent day for the project and after a few problems the cable now runs the total length of the line. Read More...
  • Saturday 3rd December 2005 saw an early start to fit insulators to the catenary cable. Bert, Dave, Joe, Bob & Pete fitted all the insulators to the new catenary Read More...
  • Saturday 11th March 2006 saw the gang out early to erect the contact cable and tension it. Read this article...
  • Since March 2006 there has been much work completed through the winter period calumniating in a very good work day on the 5th of August 2006. Read this article...
  • The day arrived with a phone call and we where bonding rails today, after a few minor problems we arrived on site appropriate equipment and ready to go at 10.30am. Read this article...
  • Yes on the 18th January 2007 the first electrified engines travelled to Ferrymead under their own power... Read this article...
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